Trump and Hilary political Cartoon during their debate

This was how i witnessed the Last debate between Trump and Hillary it was Great so i decided to share the image in the format of Cartoon which i drew,

All the way from United States

By Maria Grasmick


Tinubu Bombs out


-when ever i read this extravaganza of My President and his co, i am trilled to Laugh. Their Jonson is So much that Tinibu decided to Wash someone’s Linens 

 While receiving a segment of APC chieftains from South West who paid him a solidarity visit late yesterday evening after keeping them waiting for over 5 hrs, (from 5pm to 10 pm before seeing them)

Tinubu lashed out 

I regret building APC and giving Buhari a platform to become president. 


“We all knew he didn’t merit to be president, but you know how we politicians behave when we are desperate for electoral position; We beg.

That was how President Buhari always and frequently came to my private house here in Ikoyi with his entourage which included that Nasiru and others. 

At a point, he “Buhari” was practically living in my house, under my roof. The room he was sleeping was just 6-7 steps from my own private room. I was building his confidence because he didn’t have it. He was even scared of Atiku and Rabiu.

What I ate, he ate. My security was his security because he expressed fears about the security provided by the Jonathan government. He was afraid of Jonathan. 

Now they occupy Aso Rock and they think Asiwaju Tinubu is finished. He is using people I brought from obscurity against me. Now they say my mouth is smelling. They say I’m no longer relevant. The battle line is drawn, I will show them the meaning of Asiwaju. 
I know they have surrounded my house. They are there outside. You can’t see them but I know where they are. I see them, but I am not afraid of them. They know that. 

When asked, “what next?” by one of the loyalists, who said “what do we do now?”.

Tinubu replied; “Don’t worry, just watch. Time will tell, I built this party and I can destroy it, but for now I vow, PDP must win Ondo state.



What is your priority – Your wedding or your marriage?

As the chairman at the wedding reception and in line with my purpose, I told the audience a story of a friend who walked into my office few weeks after his wedding to borrow N20,000 for upkeep. His wedding cost about N3 Million. Wedding is that one-day event; Marriage is that life-time experience. Would you prefer a fantastic wedding and a marriage full of financial frustration? On the other hand, would you prefer a moderately priced wedding and a marriage where there is so much money to spend after buying the necessary items.

As an African thinker, I figured that the poverty in our society is induced by our insistence on impressing people that don’t care whether we exist or die. My generation should consider the following:

1. At least 60% of attendees of Nigerian weddings are unknown to the couple. Guests wouldn’t even recognize couples on the street after the wedding, because there is no connection beyond the food and drinks.

2. Lower class and middle class weddings in Nigeria are largely financed by the entire savings of couples who must have worked for long hours with meager income for a period of three to five years and left to start their lives from scratch after this one-day event.

3. Our weddings are conducted under the impression that guest would present quality gifts to couples, but in end the, couples get plastics and kitchen utensils as if their entire life would be spent in the kitchen.

4. The society and family members can afford to sponsor the supply of drinks and food at weddings rather than sponsor business ideas that can sustain marriages of a couples for a lifetime.

5. We can put an end to financial frustration in marriages and domestic violence if the monies spent during weddings are diverted to help couples comfortably start their lives.

Don’t let anyone put you under pressure! Anyone who insists on an elaborate wedding should provide the money.

‘Aso Ebi’ is not compulsory!(My mother and my family folks know that there is no mortal man living or dead, that can compel me to buy Aso Ebi) Bridal train is not by force! Groom’s men are not essential! The most important memory of any wedding is the picture of the smiling couple, which is placed on the wall of every home. This picture does not show the cost of renting the reception hall. It does not show the price of the cake or cost of decoration or the rented Limousine.

It is better to monetize gifts for couples to decide what to do with it. A monetary gift after a wedding is more valuable than before the wedding. The society should demonstrate genuine love for couples.

If you can afford it, please ‘turn it up’! Otherwise, don’t let anyone put you under pressure.


About a Child

​Children still die everyday. A Child still loses his talent to death every five seconds for an avoidable cause. They even still get abused. They beg even still And Children haven’t ceased to cry at hunger. I will do my everybit to make every crying child I meet smile. Yesterday I made a disabled child who didn’t smile or laugh for ages dance and smile. Today what will I do? Tomorrow what will you do for a child? I love the Nigerian child.

Hon. John Bethel Ezugo

What I Feel about Biafra.   

​One nuisance called Nnamdi Kalu once sat at the comfort of his toilet seat and screamed; “Give us Biafra or we go to war.” And then, the Okada riders, taxi drivers, Agberos and road transport workers took that up, delved into the streets and killed themselves all in the name of protest.


We are backward today because of the civil war, but our youths will not understand. Most of these protesters, if not all have not read books on the Nigeria civil war. They prefer to have sex and drink beer.

Your Odumegwu Ojukwu simply led us into war with empty hands and when we failed, he contested twice for presidency of the same Nigeria he fought against and still failed. Then, he died with Biafra.

Written by B O

Awaking The Giant In You @ youths Alive fellowship

​***Awaken the gaint in you**Gudday wonderful people my name is SPRAISE_Okoye and I will be ministering live at winners chapel onitsha,no 61 limca road Nkpor on 23rd (fri)sep 2016,it is going to be a one big night I personally wont want you to miss,so be my guest…see u there<w.o.w>

​Youth Alive Fellowship, Anambra State, Nigeria🇳🇬
Presents⇨ ONE BIG NIGHT 
TAGGED: AWAKEN THE GIANT IN YOU through: Explosive Teachings, Anointed Worship, Heart Felt Prayers, High praises, Insightful Worships.

DATE: FRIDAY 23 SEPT 2016 , 
Red carpet; 9pm
Main Event ;10pm

VENUE; Living Faith  International aka Winners Chapel; 61 Limca Rd, Nkpor by Mtn Office.
Ministering; Pst, Fred Attabo(state pastor) and Pst, Victor Lewis (District Pst, Awka)
ARTISTS; Banor, Byron, Fred, Growing Wonders, S Praise (Wow), Ola Samuel and Omegas Inspired Dance group

Free Entry, So You Can’t Afford To Miss It For Anything

Written by S Praise (Wow)