Throw back Session as S Praise trills the stage at #1bignight2016 (Youth Alive Fellowship)

S-praise  with  pastor David  ola Samuel(National youth music director  winners chapel world wide)

S-praise  with  pastor  Austin ( youth pastor winners chapel ínternational ) he is one in a million…I know u Will  want to meet him someday

Click to view or download the video below …I recommend you use any browser apart from ‘Opera Mini’ for Easy Access 

S-praise  with  banor (former  music  director   winners  chapel  anambra  state )

    S-praise  with  pastor  chika(Director  of creativity  winners chapel  world  wide ) she is lovable  creative  and of course funny

    see the story is now gone

    and the glory is now on

    my life is sweeter  than golden  morn

    am so blessed I no dey form 🎤🎤🎼

    S- praise  at #1 BIG NIGHT(AWAKEN  THE  GAINT )2016…u can share it on your social handles

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    18 thoughts on “Throw back Session as S Praise trills the stage at #1bignight2016 (Youth Alive Fellowship)

    1. My first time of Listening to a Christian Rap, I mean Real Rap , Wow… I could understand ur every word, and u re Good

      I wish to have the audio can it be possible seriously I need to listen to the audio.
      Keep it up Hop on Pop


    2. I sincerely apologize for the inability to download or view the video, and the video was removed this is so because the video is of High digital format that can only be played or viewed by few video applications.
      I assure you that this will be fixed very soon; making it possible for you to view and download the video with Ease.
      You can get an instant message sent to your mail when the video has been fixed if you subscribe with your email by clicking on the follow option on top or bellow your browser . Sorry for the Inconvenience.


    3. I need to listen , what about omegas dance group
      u didn’t get a thing about them
      pls fix the video soon, I have subscribe .. i hope to get a feedback


    4. will the video take everlasting ? can u get us the audio or his contact Lol..
      I think I am having a crush on him
      S PRAISE


    5. I Thank you All for your patience for waiting so Long and it is with confidence to say that the video has been fixed , and will be placed back in the next 7hrs; making it possible for everyone to view and download it with Ease. I Recommend Firefox, Uc browser, Google Android chrome, and Explorer for PC as the best and suitable Applications for viewing and downloading videos online with Ease. Opera mini may not view or download this Video ..
      The Audio of the video is yet to be out , this is just a stage performance but if you still wish for the Audio format of this particular Stage Performance it can be sent to your mail only on request ,
      Just send your request to “”
      I sincerely apologize for the inconveniences.


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