Issue of Tax in Anambra

​I don’t understand where we re heading to , Imagine today i Cannot exercise my Right of movement simply because all filling stations and Black markets in Anambra state of Nigeria are closed because of the Outrageous Tax  imposed on Filing stations.
I Take responsibility of every thing written on this Post because i have seen a platform to share a thought and this is the thought

 I don’t think Willie Obiano is doing anything to regulate taxes in the state, Everyone pays tax at High rate and we pay tax for almost everything. I know you don’t owe your workers but you should not rob Peter to pay Paul. How can it feel right when you spend half of your monthly earn on tax in this great Depression.

I pay tax to the government, pay tax for the  so called sanitation by buying mere bucket for #3,000 and pay tax to some hoodlums for keeping my baggage on the Land.

Now, commercial buses are expensive to board since they pay tax at every bus stop and check point.

The worst is, there is No Electric Power and there is no petrol to keep myself updated to the events that will start happening from today till Next tomorrow. I am still imaging the extent of tax that warranted this strike of filling stations. Willie is working, apart from  immediate payment of workers, what else are you working at?



8 thoughts on “Issue of Tax in Anambra

  1. Robbing Peter to pay Paul
    when you pay #50 in his buses , and you board a private bus , in each bus stop the private buses pays up to #1000 Depending on the number of passenger

    Willie no dey try


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