Our Toxic Environment (Effect)

There is no doubt that the world we live in today is completely different from the world our parents and forefathers lived in. This is due to nothing but the price we pay for Technological Advancement or simply put the application of forebrain knowledge. It is a said fact that we live in a polluted world due to the effect of the various emissions from technological advancement.

Several years ago, the Environmental working group (EWG) took blood samples from the umbilical cords of ten newborns from across the united States and tested them for Toxins. They found an amazing 287 chemical that negatively affect nearly everyday system of the body; renal, hormonal, cardiac, reproductive, immune, nervous system, joint and more

 It’s worth emphasizing that these were newborn; children that had  never lived a day outside of the womb. They were not exposed to these  287 chemicals by breathing the air, drinking water, or eating food, they got theirs through their mother, who had spent thee lives Breathing, drinking, eating and applying body creams. Rather than a Referendum on prenatal risk assessment, we should consider this clarion call that alerts us to the fact that our world is so Toxic today that babies are born with chemicals inside of them that simply shouldn’t be there.

Written by Ik James(Awka)


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