What You Don’t Know About MMM

(MMM) Money Making Machine as it is called in some regions is a Financial Networking company that gives 30% of interest. Well, we all know that: but do you know this

Sergei mavrodi founder of  MMM.I had to do a research because the temptation was getting too much. I just pray Nigerians con this man and his dame company before he dupes us! actually it took me 3days to finish reading the case levied against him 650 volumes I just had to laugh!! Ah I don’t even know why the man is still Living, you might want to check him out too!!. This man is legendary

Guys play safe!!

MMM duped Russian citizens over $10m.. You’all be careful, Have you Ever wondered where your 30% interest comes from ? Are they registered to any CAC body in Nigeria ? What do they gain giving you 30% of what you ‘invest’ ? Hmmm! If it has been paying you, I hope when they want their money back, you’d be strong enough to heart the shock. Nigerians are just too gullible! it’s just a matter of time before they wow into Extinction..
Written by Audu Ibrahim (Kano state)


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