The Predicted News About  P Square 

After the recent public apology to fans by Peter Okoye and announcement of reconciliation between him after their separation, Paul Okoye and Jude Okoye, Nigerian singing  Psquare have Released the audio, and a video for The new single titled ‘Bank Alert’.

My issue is we Nigerians know: infact it’s an obvious fact that soon P Square Will lunch a new Album probably titled  “We Back Again” since they know that Nigerians will be trilled and will spend anything to acquire or listen to their Hits.

Just Imagine few months ago, these brothers where fooling  some of us, for no just course they hated themselves. When I thought the Hatred will go on for a long period of time they just showed back to reconcile. 

What a Musical Strategy well formulated and now Well Executed. Kudos to your new Accomplished idea. Just know that some of us know your deeds. Carry on Square brothers.

Who is fooling who?


45 thoughts on “The Predicted News About  P Square 

  1. there is no longer money in the the country…. Buhari Don use the one wey they travel
    now p Square wan collect the one wey dey my hand.
    I dey craze


  2. Dear Joy,

    You are seeing this message public because you wrote to us public. We are sorry you think we don’t update our site with New stories. Here we ONLY publish stories or write ups that is sent to our Email exactly without Altering, Erasing or Including anything. The amount of stories seen now, shows the amount we have received so far.
    Also, you may wish to Tell your stories we Assure you of Confidentiality of your identities if you wish.
    If you have any further questions you wished to be private, Please send your mail to ‘’ . we will be glad to answer you.


  3. i am not happy these grown up made a mstak but what kind of a published view is this destroying their names pls stop and don’t delete this post


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