Another student commits suicide after boyfriend rejected her pregnancy

Few months ago, A male student of a state university in Eastern part of Nigeria was said to have committed suicide by taking an insecticide called SNIPER when the girl friend left him for another.

Recently,A 15-year-old Junior Secondary School Two(JSS 2) student of Gyegeh Memorial College, Logo 1, in Makurdi Benue State capital, Jessica Beer, has committed suicide » after her boyfriend identified only as Labi, abandoned her after getting her pregnant.

According to a resident of the Akpehi community where the incident took place, the teenager was devastated after her boy friend, a pork meat seller in the local Wurukum Market in Makurdi, refused to accept responsibility for the pregnancy and instead, got another girl pregnant and presented her to his family as his wife.

Jessica Beer, who could not come to the fact that her boyfriend rejected her, reportedly drank a poisonous substance suspected to be SNIPER, a very powerful insecticide that is said to contain’1000g/litre of 2,3-dichlorovinyi dimethyl phosphate (DDVP)’


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